SadeemRDP Latest Features & Updates April 2022

  • Saturday, 30th April, 2022
  • 15:32pm


Today I am sharing SadeemRDP new features and announcements in this post. Today I have released SadeemRDP new Theme in Dark Mode & It's Live Now. In April 2022 updates I have added new plans to our store. The Lowest price Browser RDP plans announced starting price of only 1.99$ this is our current lowest price plan ever. Added another most demanded Forex Trading RDP plan for 24x7 MT4/MT5 and other trading tools monitoring rdp. Here is one more 9.99$ plan added to our Private RDP/VPS plans.

Another Most Demanded Features In SadeemRDP:

Now SadeemRDP Clients will get every update via WhatsApp. I have added WhatsApp Bot to my system which will send you every update via WhatsApp. If you want to use this features then update your mobile in the client area with the correct Country and country code. This is our WhatsApp Bot Number save this +1 (417) 356-4545.

The following are some of the message features that are in this module, including the following :

  • Bot Auto Responder (Automated Replies)
  • Client area Login Alert
  • RDP Login Details
  • Welcome Message
  • Alert Notification
  • Birthday Messages
  • Reset Password
  • Invoice Notification (with PDF file!)
  • Payment Reminder
  • Due Date Notifications
  • Payment Confirmation (with PDF file!)
  • Service Activation
  • Service Suspension
  • Service Reactivation
  • Service Termination
  • Ticket Opened by Admin
  • Tickets Opened
  • Ticket Answered
  • Closed Ticket

Thank You,
Muhammad Sadeem
Owner & Founder
WhatsApp: +923177701925

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